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        First, the training

        We will timely provide training opportunities for employees of various departments of the company, through a series of training to help you plan for future development.

        1, pre-job training for new employees: including employee handbook, business basic rules and regulations.

        2, induction training: various departments for new employees by jobs that require the necessary job training, qualified by training and examination before independence posts.

        3, job training: according to the annual training plan and post work, you will get professional training opportunities.

        Second, the assessment

        Employee assessment normally takes years and annually, mainly based on the results of the annual evaluation of the year-end as part of salary payment, your attitude and work performance evaluation to determine your ability to obtain good results.

        Third, mobilize

        Depending on your ability, work performance and the actual needs of the company, you may be reassigned to other departments, it is because we are convinced that this will be more conducive to play to your potential.

        Fourth, leadership development

        The company provides each employee an equal opportunity to compete and develop, with excellent performance and motivated so that you can get promotion, in higher, more challenging work.
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